India’s Christians Fear Further Persecution as Hindu Radicals Push for More Conversions

ICC Note: As the Christmas holiday approaches, India’s Christian community begins to celebrate the holiday in a slightly more security conscious manner. Attacks on religious minorities by Hindu radicals have increased dramatically over 2014 and many Christians fear these attacks will only increase during the Christmas holiday. Last week, a group of Christmas carolers were beaten in Hyderabad by a group of Hindus who claimed they were attempting to forcefully convert people. Also, massive re-conversion ceremonies have been planned by Hindu nationalist groups amid reports of forced or fraudulent conversions. Is religious freedom under threat in India?

12/18/2014 India (Washington Post) – The trouble started a few months ago, when Hindu nationalists swept into a small village where several families had converted to Christianity more than a decade earlier. They held a fire purification ceremony with the villagers, tore a cross off the local church and put up…

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