Eat clean it feels better.

I’m a tell you about my self a little so just grab a seat and listen.
Starting off I’m a vegetarian no meat diet 3 beautiful kids 2 girls and a boy of ten months.
I’m an at home father just lost my job about what 4months ago.
I use to be a heavy smoker drinker
Marihuana ,Cigarettes and Alcohol eating every thing.
Every thing that passed my vision from cake and cookies to beef never a pork person.
Always followed the Muslim religion but that’s besides the subject I told my self, I have to eat different.
I’ve been wanted to get rid of my stomach fat and love handles for ever
To the point I wanted to cut them off.
I did every thing no success nothing worked so I pulled up this web site and started seeing how I can lose weight fast.
It was a struggle in the beginning but I can honestly say your body can adapt to any thing and do any thing.
We are machines and until you find your self and guard your temple my friend it’s unprotected.
Eat clean people you’ll understand after.