You Are What You Eat

She has a point I love her way of thinking. Keep posting sweetie. I can talk about health all day.

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I’m sure you all have set your fitness resolutions and eating healthy is at the top of your list. Portion control is always key. I advise my clients that it is always best to make small changes in their diet and build upon it weekly. I’m not a big fan of extreme dieting. It’s a quick fix that lacks getting to the root of the problem; which often results in excessive weight gain afterwards. Try keeping a food journal for several days. Writing down the time and everything that you have eaten and had to drink that day. Even take note of how you felt before and after eating. You will often realize a lot of your food intake is based purely on habit or poor time management.

Remember it is no longer a habit once you’ve become aware of your tendencies, it is now a choice. I have little…

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