Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment: The Unique Mind

I love this. Every body thinks different people thought I was crazy just the other day. I told them it was something more living amongst us a different entity. This was how it went exactly scary but true. This girl that use to come visit the house got killed violently. This family has been talking about her since she died. People in the house have even cracked on her death. Now I’m having these night mares. Going to sleep in a spot. Dreaming about me with the same clothes the room lay out the same way. Some body said some body at the door. It’s like blurry the person comes up but it’s not a person it’s a image I can’t make out gratuitous and vague to the natural eye. I try to call for help but it was like the entity tried to take over my body. Who can judge when they haven’t yet experience unless you are in touch with this realm. I had a hand full of people agree who I have met. And this was in the very place I lay my head. Just started after this young ladies death or should I say her bring born again.

Life Journal

Is a person mentally ill or just plain insane when they start to think, talk, and act out of the conventional societal intellectual intelligence? Who is one to categorize that person’s mental state of mind? I prefer calling it “the unique mind” since each one of us has their own way of thinking and dealing with things. This unique state of mind is considered abnormal, mentally ill or disturbed, and in severe cases, it’s psychotic. People tend to generalize that when one goes through such a mental dilemma then they are crazy, or that they have lost it! I came across a blog post about dealing with mental illness. The post has a link to a story of a husband, and his unique minded wife. It is written from the husband’s perspective, but it is a real example of the problems that a family faces when a unique mind unravels…

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